Our Fairies Tried Out the Viral Tiktok Custard Toast

Toast has long been a faithful companion to tea. From a quick breakfast to low tea snacks, tea, and toast have a long, illustrious history. {We explain what low-tea is, along with other different types of tea parties in this post!}

And why shouldn't they? Tea has so many varieties, all with different flavor profiles, and can be paired with all types of delicious food. Toast is one of the most perfect vehicles for creative toppings to pair with tea {ie. our Enchanted Slumber blend would pair quite nicely with toast and raspberry jam - or any other berry jam for that matter}. It might seem silly, but when it comes to tea and toast the possibilities truly are endless. 

 So imagine our delight when we fairies came across this trend on TikTok- a fresh variation on this breakfast treat - custard toast

This recipe is quite simple. It's just a quick custard poured on top of a piece of toast with various toppings. We based ours on this recipe.

Baked custard toast recipe ingredients

The first step is to make your custard, which is essentially milk, eggs, and sugar. For this recipe you'll need to whisk any yogurt of your choosing, we recommend plain or vanilla bean, one egg, and maple syrup or honey. You will want to be certain that you use an appropriate amount of sweetener because using too little could ruin your toast. An easy way to be sure that you have the right amount is to whisk your yogurt and maple syrup and taste until you are satisfied, then whisk in your egg. 


Create a well in a slice of bread by gently pressing the back of a spoon into the center. Be careful not to press too hard into your bread, you do not want to completely flatten the center. Press until your slice of bread is about 1/2cm thick, this way when your toast is baked it's easier to bite into.

baked custard toast recipe

Pour your custard mixture into the well in your toast and top with anything you'd like {ie. nuts, sliced fruit, herbs, dollops of jam, etc.} We decided to top ours with plump strawberries.

tiktok custard toast recipe

Bake them in a lined baking tray for about 8-12 minutes, or until the custard has set {meaning it is smooth to the touch and doesn’t come off onto your finger when pressed gently} and the edges are golden. 

tiktok strawberry custard toast recipe

Once your toast has cooled, you might want to consider waving your magic wand to conjure up even more toppings, and some Fairy Tale Teas tea to complete your meal!

We wanted to try brûléeing our toast with an added layer of sugar, but if you try this please be careful - you might burn your toast and no wand is saving that!

Creme brulee custard toast

Additional toppings include: 

- honey

- maple syrup 

- powdered sugar 

- chocolate shavings 

- extra fruit 

- pixie dust 



tiktok baked custard toast recipe
  This is just a basic recipe so we encourage you to consult your inner kitchen fairy and get creative. Try adding a few drops of a special extract to your custard mixture to enhance the flavor (ie. almond, vanilla, lemon, etc), or experiment with different types of fruit toppings!

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