Fairy Tale Teas

30 ct Assorted Teabags

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6 ct - Gilded Lily: This delightfully creamy Irish breakfast tea is inspired the fairytale “Yellow Lily” and tastes like a delicious spiced Beltane cake with bright lemony icing, and sugared almonds. This tea also features yellow lily petals, like the stories name sake, and vibrant gold pixie dust! {Steep for 3-7 minutes in 195℉ / 91℃ water}

6 ct - Lady of the Moon: Inspired by the Chinese fairytale of the same name, Lady of the Moon is a delightful green tea boasting flavors of pear, lychee, and jasmine. This fruity elixir even contains silver pixie dust to emulate the Moon goddesses palace or “The Spreading Halls of the Crystal Cold”. This delicious tea tastes as though it was plucked right out of the jade rabbits garden and enchants the everyday teacup. {Steep for 2- 4 minutes in 175 – 185˚F / 79 – 85˚C water}

6 ct - Enchanted Slumber: This clinquant herbal blend has tasting notes of lemon and raspberry jam and wild Egyptian rose. {Steep 5-10 minutes at 212˚F/100˚C}

6 ct - Happily Ever After: Delicate Sakura (cherry) blossom and rose scented white tea, wild strawberry, pink cornflowers, and magical pixie dust all tie the knot in this magical, fairytale wedding inspired blend. {Steep for 3 - 7 minutes at 170 – 185˚F / 76 – 85˚C}

6 ct - Once Upon a Time: This  enchanted tea is dusted with silver pixie dust and features traditional Ceylon black tea, sweet Turkish hazelnut, and rich vanilla cream. {Steep for 3-7 minutes at 195℉ / 91℃}



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