Fairy Tale Teas

30 ct Assorted Teabags

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10 ct - Enchanted Slumber: This clinquant herbal blend has tasting notes of lemon and raspberry jam and wild Egyptian rose. {Steep 5-10 minutes at 212˚F/100˚C}

10 ct - Happily Ever After: Delicate Sakura (cherry) blossom and rose scented white tea, wild strawberry, pink cornflowers, and magical pixie dust all tie the knot in this magical, fairytale wedding inspired blend. {Steep for 3 - 7 minutes at 170 – 185˚F / 76 – 85˚C}

10 ct - Once Upon a Time: This  enchanted tea is dusted with silver pixie dust and features traditional Ceylon black tea, sweet Turkish hazelnut, and rich vanilla cream. {Steep for 3-7 minutes at 195℉ / 91℃}


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