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Our Fairytale

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, there lived a beautiful princess with a kind heart. One day in court the princess was approached by three fairies with downtrodden looks on their faces. The fairies explained that their beloved enchanted forest was sick and they needed her help: “The tree at the heart of the forest requires a gemstone set in gold and forged with love to be placed in its hollow. Without it, the tree cannot produce pixie dust, which is the source of our magic. We were unsure of how to find such an object, but knowledge of your kindness and wisdom has spread throughout the kingdom.” said one of the fairies.

The princess thought for a moment, She descended from her throne and politely asked the fairies to lead her to the dying tree.

When they arrived the princess approached the hollow of what appeared to be a weeping willow tree, that was actually weeping. For it had shivered off its leaves, all that remained were its dull gray branches.

She delicately removed her tiara and admired it. The band was crafted from the purest of gold and each stone hand-selected with the help of her parents for her cotillion. She treasured the memory one last time and laid her tiara in the center of the hollow.

Instantly, the willow straightened and each branch appeared to be adorned with gleaming tinsel. Glittering dust fell from the branches and the princess danced and rejoiced along with the magical creatures of the forest.

Several days later - to thank the princess for her generosity, the fairies, along with all of the other dwellers of the enchanted forest, delivered to her a cask filled with pixie dust. Accompanying their present was a note that which read, “Do let us know if your cask ever ends, thanks to you we have magic again!”

The princess was still contemplating its many uses when she sat down for tea. She scooped a bit of the pixie dust up in her spoon and brought it up to her face so that she could further inspect it. It glimmered and shone so brilliantly as it shimmered in the daylight that she almost did not notice when a bit of pixie dust fell off her teaspoon and into her teacup. She paused for a moment, then sipped the tea.

It was marvelous!

The princess was so delighted that she stirred the rest of what was on her spoon into her tea and took an even longer sip.

Instantly a wave of glee washed over her as she drank in the magic. She rose from her seat and set off towards the court determined to share the new drink with the entire kingdom.

Thus Fairy Tale Teas was born...

Meet Our {Founder} Fairy Godmother

Marissa Kinsler is the creator, founder, and lead Fairy Godmother of Fairy Tale Teas. Forever a lover of fairytale princesses, desserts, and romantic tea parties, Kinsler knew from a young age that she would live a life that celebrated all things abundantly beautiful. A life where she would not only enjoy magic, but share it with others. Kinsler and her team of fae {fairytale creatures} scour countryside's all over the world in search of the perfect fairytale to inspire each magical tea blend.