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Happily Ever After

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Inspired by the magic of fairy tale weddings, this tea is a harmonious union of delicate Sakura (cherry) blossoms and the sweetness of rose-scented white tea. As you sip, you'll taste the hidden gems of wild strawberries, dancing blue cornflower petals (our 'something blue'), and a sprinkle of magical Pixie Dust, all coming together in a symphony of flavors.
Whether you're celebrating a love story or simply craving a moment of whimsy, "Happily Ever After" is your invitation to a fairy tale wedding in a teacup. Let it be a part of your own magical moments and toast to a future filled with love and enchantment.
Instructions: Steep for 3 - 7 minutes in 170 – 185˚F / 76 – 85˚C water
Ingredients: China white tea, natural flavors, wild strawberry pieces, blue cornflower petals, gold pixie dust {mica-based edible glitter}

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