Meet Our Enchanted Slumber

Enchanted Slumber, our newest blend was met with so much excitement during its pre-order debut and now it’s officially here to stay!
We want to tell you all about how our first herbal blend came to be.To garner inspiration for this new blend, we began our search in our magical Fairytale library...

Enchanted Slumber is inspired by the fanciful story of sleeping beauty as told by Charles Perrault in the version by the Grimm Brothers. Enchanted Slumber is our newest delicious blend and our first herbal tea. It consists of rose buds, luscious raspberries, bright lemons, and chamomile in just the right amounts to make it an  instant favorite.
Fragrant Egyptian roses were chosen to emulate the creeping rose vines that covered the kingdom and castle walls during the 100 years that the princess Briar Rose was asleep.

Lemons and raspberries were introduced to Europe from Asia around the same time that the original stories take place in the medieval 15th century.
The inclusion of chamomile in this delectable blend is the peace piece de resistance and has been shown to ease anxiety and aid with sleep. Had a stress filled day? Your Fairy Godmother recommends that you sit back and enjoy this herbal blend. It’s caffeine free and it’s the perfect way to wind down before your own Enchanted Slumber.

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