Cinderella Approved French Hot Chocolate, ft. Once Upon a Time

Dear friends and fae,

As many of you well know it is quite cold outside (the frost fairies have yet to rest, therefore winter is still upon a lot of us).

In our endeavor to provide you with at least one recipe each month this year, we knew that we needed to present you with something "of the season".
What is more comforting and delicious during the winter months than hot chocolate?

Well, tea of course, but alas we digress.

We came across this recipe here, and thought, "What better way to highlight our best-selling tea and to pay homage to our favorite French princess, than with a spin on the famous chocolat chaud?"

@fairytaleteas Once Upon a Time French hot chocolate recipe coming soon 🫖🍫✨#winterrecipes #chocolaterecipe #chocolatchaud #hotchocolate #teatok ♬ original sound - Britney Spears

Our dear Cinderella was undoubtedly a fan, as hot chocolate was brought to the French courts in the 16th century and was an instant hit. What makes this hot chocolate so magical?
Well, this drink is smooth, decadent, and has the loveliest hint of hazelnut and vanilla thanks to Once Upon a Time being steeped in the milk, prior to adding the chocolate.
We are proud to say that our dearest Cinderella has tried this recipe, and has declared it as her favorite! So, without further adieu...

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