7 Steps to Brew Irish Breakfast Tea Like a Fairy Princess

We recently had the opportunity to host Yellow Lily in our enchanted forest when she came all the way from Loch Lein in the land of Erin to stay for a spell, and we knew that we would be remised if we did not ask her for her favorite tea-time tips!
Keep reading to learn all about how our favorite Irish fae princess prepares her daily cup of Gilded Lily from Fairy Tale Teas; and click here to learn about how Cinderella likes to brew her tea.

Cup of Gilded Lily on top of a book about Irish fae on a castle floor

As we know, all that is required to make a good cup of tea is simply tea, hot water, and the sweetener of your choosing. However, we'll need to get a bit more technical to make a cup of tea the Yellow Lily way.


  • 1 tsp or 1 teabag of Gilded Lily {Cream Irish Breakfast tea} from Fairy Tale Teas {Optional- feel free to add extra tea if you want your drink to be extra strong}
  • Fairy Tale Tea Filter Pouch {if you're using loose tea}
  • Cold filtered water of choice - we prefer water from the local enchanted well, but whatever you have on hand will suffice
  • Your favorite heat-safe teapot
  • Sugar to taste
  • Your favorite milk
  • A lemon wedge or slice
  • Thermometer 
  • Extra Pixie Dust (optional)
  • Your Favorite Teacup
Hand holding a box of Gilded Lily tea over a tea table in an enchanted forest

1.Boil filtered water until it reaches about 205-212℉ / 96-100℃. {Note: the recommended temperature for Gilded Lily is195℉ / 95℃, but we have upped the temperature here because, in traditional Irish fashion, Yellow Lily likes her tea brewed strong!}

2. Warm up your favorite teacup. Pour a small amount of hot water into your teacup, swirl it around the inside, then pour it out. This is to prime your teacup, preventing it from cracking when lots of hot water is poured into it.


Princess in a yellow gown pouring Gilded Lily into a porcelain teacup with birds on it


3. Add your loose tea {1 tsp of tea for every 6oz (1 cup) of water} or teabag to the tea infuser and pour hot water over it. {Tip from Yellow Lily: "I prefer to add an additional teabag to my tea cup so that I can be sure that I will taste the tea through the milk and sugar we're going to add in just a moment."}

Princess in yellow gown fills a tea filter with Gilded Lily tea

4. Set a timer to steep the tea for the correct amount of time {Gilded Lily is an Irish breakfast tea that can be brewed for 4-5 minutes}.

5. Remove the tea and sweeten it as desired {Tip from Yellow Lily: "I like to use honey from a beehive that I found near my favorite lake!"}

Oil painting of a bowl of honey in vintage floral porcelain atop a fairy tale kitchen counter


6. Add extra pixie dust for a magical tea time- whether you got it from our FTT fairies or as a gift from your fairy godmother, it's always a must for a magical tea time and a fabulous way to wow any guests!

Princess stirring in golden pixie dust into her cup of Gilded Lily tea

7. Add a splash of whatever milk you prefer and your lemon, then settle in with a candle and your fairy tale book of choice.

Princess pours milk into her teacup of Gilded Lily Tea

Enjoy your tea with frosted cakes and almonds, and other sweet delicacies!

{Note: If you would like another cup right away, bring some more water to temperature and pour over your used tea leaves, but add an extra 1-2 minutes to your timer for the second steeping}

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