Sleeping Beauty’s Evening Routine

Recently, our fairies were able to sit down with none other than Briar Rose herself to get the full extent of her evening routine. She was even gracious enough to take the time to answer some of your questions!
We hope you enjoy it, please keep reading for more…

6:00 pm

My evening begins at 6 pm when I retire from court and head to my bedroom where I prepare my favorite tea. It’s a lovely herbal blend that tastes of fresh summer lemons, raspberry jam, and pink roses. It was inspired by my own story (perhaps you have heard of it). 
It is best to drink herbal teas, like this one before bed, as the lack of caffeine will not affect my sleep.  Also, this tea has chamomile in it for added relaxation.
While I drink my tea I will usually journal my thoughts from the day or read (I am particularly fond of fairy tales).

7:00 pm

After this, I head over to the twins' room, tuck them into bed, and read to them. Their names are Journee Sole and Aube Luna, and their favorite story is still the one about how their father and I came to be married.

9:00 pm

At this time it’s usually around 9 PM I am helped out of the day clothes that I wore to court (a lovely velvet brocade gown embroidered with pearls) by my fairies in waiting and then my hair is brushed and my makeup is removed while my bath is being prepared. I loved my makeup today; I wore my favorite carnation blush and coral lipstick.

10:00 pm

My bath is a really special time for me because I get to relax and completely unwind from today's events and festivities. Today I had to hold court and that took a lot out of me but I still enjoy doing it. The bath is a milk and honey bath that is filled with rose petals and some extra rosewater to help my complexion and to keep it soft and rosy. Then while I’m in the bath I typically begin putting on my crushed raspberry, olive oil, and honey face mask.

11:30 pm

After my bath, I am dressed in a silk nightgown by my lovely fairies in waiting and slip into my bed with my gold and silver embroidered satin sheets that have been sprayed w/ a rose perfume and hope for enchanted dreams.

Questions from our friends and fae via Instagram:

Q: Did you dream while under the sleeping curse? If so, what did you dream about? {@lettucewizard}

A: I did indeed! The good fairy that enchanted my sleep gave me very pleasant dreams, that was how I was able to recognize my prince as soon as I awoke - I had dreamt of our chance meeting for one hundred years.

Q: What’s your pampering routine? {@gh0stlyprincess}

A: Now and again I will apply a lip mask made of honey, beyond, cucumber, and rose water, it makes my lips extremely soft!

Q: Do you use lavender or other botanicals to scent your sheets? {@ashleysouthernmasala}

A: Other than roses, I love the perfume of White Lilies and Fleur-de-lis on my bed sheets.

Q: What were the seven dwarves like? {@valenzuela.austin}

A: I think you may have me a bit confused dear, however, I have heard that you will be able to ask my friend that in no time!

Q: What is your favorite flower? {@_jaquelinebrrown_}

A: My favorite flower is most certainly the ‘Thousand Year Rose’ or ‘Tausendjähriger Rosenstock’, it’s from northern Germany.

Q: What was it like being raised by the three good fairies for all of those years? {@itstaylorleemann}

A: I cannot recall what it was like, in great detail, but I am extremely grateful to the good fairies that bestowed me with all of the lovely gifts when I was a child and to the ones that looked after me and my kingdom while I was enchanted.

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