June To Do List

researching our new Little Sea Princess blend, I Mer-May has come and gone and it was such a special month for a plethora of reasons, chief among them being the release of the long-awaited live-action version of Disney's The Little Mermaid {and our own "Little Sea Princess" blend being released for preorder}! However, June is here now and we are well into the swing of summer. There are so many things to look forward to this month so we wanted to start this series, inspired by Selkie's monthly "to-do" series, which you should definitely check out along with their entire blog/diary for that matter.
Now, with further ado, we bring you a magical to-do list for the month of June!



As the Lead Fairy Godmother of Fairy Tale Teas, it will come as a surprise to none of you that I am borderline obsessed with all things fairy tales; and when they're in the zeitgeist I am all a flutter with excitement! I found out that Disney was working on this film in 2016, and then I finally went to see it 2 days after it was released {fun fact: the May 26th release date was the exact same day as my wedding}.
If you have not seen this breathtaking film yet, please do! Halle Bailey has the most gorgeous voice and was truly a perfect choice for Ariel. Each character was acted to perfection {I'm looking at you Scuttle and Vanessa} and the writing, sets, and costumes were awe-inspiring. I also was obsessed with the film recreation of this classic Edmund Du Lac painting from 1911 that felt like an easter egg for true fairy tale nerds like us-




 While researching for our new Little Sea Princess blend, I of course looked to the many versions of the Little Mermaid, but finding this book has been invaluable. It covers mermaid lore from all over the world in ancient mythology way to pop culture. Did you know that every culture, that exists near a body of water, has its own mermaid myths and beliefs? From the Selkies in Scandinavian folklore, who live inside seal skin to Oshun the African goddess of the sea, these sea maidens {and sometimes men} are all covered in this book. It is the perfect addition to anyone’s fairy tale library…





Other than this under-the-sea tea party, I was shocked to find that there aren’t really any major mermaid-themed tea parties happening this month. So unless you’re able to make it to San Diego, I figured that a couple of thematic recipes to create your own fairy tale tea party would do the trick! In keeping with the mermaid theme for this month's to-dos, I sought out under-the-sea-themed teatime treats. Now there is a long-held debate over what it is that mermaids actually eat. Some say that seafood is definitely on the menu while others believe that seaweed and fruits foraged from the coastline… Regardless of where you fall on the mer-diet debate these prawn finger sandwiches from TeaTime Magazine look absolutely delectable. Along with these blueberry-ginger tartlets that sound like they could have been plucked from Denmark's coastline. 





Of course, the only thing that should be in your teacups this month is our newest tea that is now available for preorder, “Little Sea Princess”! {The official release date will be announced later this week}! This is our second floral white tea {the first being our beloved fairy tale wedding-inspired Happily Ever After} and it has notes of honeysuckle with European blueberries. Our goal when creating this tea was to evoke the feeling of swimming in a calm mermaid lagoon, coming up to sunbathe on warm rocks, and then reaching out to grab a few berries and a bit of honeysuckle to snack on, and I truly believe that we have accomplished just that. The deep ocean-blue color of this tea is so satisfying, our friends and fae have been begging for a tea of this color for quite some time now, and I am so happy to finally be able to deliver it in the midst of the #YearoftheMermaid. I sincerely hope that all of our mermaid-loving friends and fae enjoy this tea {p.s. it's also perfect for soothing your throat before utilizing your siren song}.



Elevenses Co.

Elevenses Co.

Friends and fae, I am elated to announce that Fairy Tale Teas will be hosting our first official pop-up! On Saturday, June 17th, we will be in the Elevenses Co. Bakery in Ybor City, selling iced tea, your favorite FTT products, and tea cups. We're keeping our fingers and wands crossed because Jade {owner of Elevenses Co.} is thinking of making a special drink out of one of our favorite teas for the occasion! This event will be fairy tale-themed, but of course, we'll be paying special attention to our newest blend. Be sure to tell your friends and family, because we simply cannot wait to see you all there!  




 Selkie • Dresses The Water Lilies Day Dress


As this to-do list format was borrowed from the blog of founder Kimberly Gordon's brand Selkie, I would have been remised not to give Kimberly Gordon's brand Selkie, I would have been remised not to have given this magical brand a proper shoutout. After combing through their website and dreaming of adding several {if not all} of their designs to my own enchanted wardrobe, I settled on the above dress. To me, this dress is exactly what a mermaid would wear to traipse alongside her human counterparts!

What did you all think of this months to-dos? If there's anything fairy tale-related that you think should have made the list this month, or if you can think of any new categories that should make the list next month - leave them in the comments below!


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