How to Throw a Tea Party Picnic

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we teamed up with our friend Regan, the flower fairy behind Arms of Persephone Floral, to bring some tea party picnic inspiration to our friends and fae!


1. Plan the Menu

For this tea party we went with Enchanted Slumber which has notes of lemons, raspberries, and roses, so here is an overall menu that will compliment those flavors nicely:

First course: Sandwiches/Savory Foods

Here are some delicious sandwich options that will fit a variety of dietary constraints (which are important to keep in mind whilst planning your picnic/tea party menu).

Prawn, Fennel, & Tarragon

Strawberry Chicken Salad

Classic Cucumber Sandwiches

Second Course: Scones 

These raspberry orange scones would pair nicely with raspberry or rose jam and clotted cream!

Third Course: Dessert

We had fun choosing macarons by color and flavor (ie. raspberry, rose, lemon, etc.). Also, a picnic is a wondrous opportunity to decorate a small cake with fresh flowers, but be sure to carefully remove any decorations ahead of time if you're using a store bought cake.

2. Brew Your Fairy Tale Teas

We recommend cold brewing your tea the night before if you will be serving your tea iced. If you wish to serve your tea hot, follow the instructions on your specific tea package and bring the appropriate amount of water (about 8oz or 1cup per person) to temperature and steep your tea (about 1 tsp per 8oz). Transport your tea in a good thermal tumbler that can keep it hot or cold, until you are ready to pour it into a teapot to serve. 

3. Pack Your Picnic Basket

Now that your tea and menu is settled, the last thing you need is to gather your picnic supplies! Feel free to use the following bullet points as a checklist:

  • Picnic basket
  • Picnic blanket
  • Flatware
  • Serve ware
  • Tea set 
  • Plates
  • Napkins
  • Optional decor elements - flowers, candlestick holders, flower petals

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