How to Live a More Fairy Tale Inspired Life


Friends and fae, have you ever felt that your life could use a magical upgrade? We often have, and we feel certain that you have too {especially if you’re a fan of our enchanted tea}.
However, we often long for the magic to extend beyond our tea cups. So,
what does it mean to live a more fairy tale inspired life? We sought to answer that question and came up with eight tips that are simple and easy to incorporate into your every day life. You could—by the time that you are done reading this—start to incorporate these tips almost immediately!

So without further ado…here are some ways that you can incorporate a fairy tale-inspired lifestyle into your daily routine:

  1. Dress the part: Wear clothes that make you feel like a character in a fairy tale. This could include flowing dresses, lace-up boots, ornate jewelry, and even flowers!
  2. Surround yourself with beauty: Fill your home with things that inspire a sense of wonder and magic. Decorate with flowers, candles, and ornate objects, and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Consider sticking to a lush nature-inspired color palette to add to the air of enchantment.
  3. Embrace nature: Spend time in nature and appreciate the beauty of the natural world. Take walks in the woods, have a picnic in a meadow, or visit a local botanical garden.
  4. Seek out adventure: Take risks and explore new places and experiences. Try new foods, take a cooking or dance class, or go on a spontaneous road trip.
  5. Read fairy tales: Read classic fairy tales and immerse yourself in their timeless stories. You can also explore modern retellings and adaptations of fairy tales.
  6. Believe in magic: Cultivate a sense of wonder and embrace the idea that anything is possible. Believe in the power of love, the importance of kindness, and the magic of the world around you.
  7. Practice kindness: Be kind to others, just as the heroes and heroines of fairy tales are. Search for opportunities to help others, and spread joy and positivity wherever you go. Always look for the good in everyone and everything.
  8. Indulge in an enchanted diet: Snack on foods that seemingly belong at a fairy tale fete, such as delicate pastries bejeweled with various fruits and decorated with edible flowers. Additionally, no fairy tale themed diet is complete without an assortment of your favorite Pixie Dust filled Fairy Tale Teas tea!

Remember, living a fairy tale-inspired lifestyle is all about finding joy and magic in the everyday. By embracing beauty, adventure, and kindness, you can create a life that feels like a fairy tale come to life.

We hope that you’ve found these tips helpful! Embracing fairy tale living can be a wonderful way to infuse your everyday life with a sense of magic and wonder. It is our deepest wish that these ideas help you to create a lifestyle that feels like a fairy tale come true!

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Thank you for the wonderful “letter”. It’s like reading mail from a friend-delivered by fairies, I might add.
It reminds me to order more pixie dust for my tea.
Wishing you an enchanting day,

Candace Welsh May 31, 2023

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