Fairy Tale Gift Guide Compilation

Our fairies have studied the fairytales that  a few of our favorite blends were based on to garner inspiration for this gift guide!

You may have seen a few of these guides on our social media during the holiday season, and we were going to leave them there... However, we realized that there are so many opportunities to gift lovely things throughout the year (to yourself or others), so we're going to let this ultimate gift guide give you inspiration all year round!


Once Upon a Time: Cinderella 

1. Corset 
2. Tiara 
3. Gown 
4. Once Upon a Time Tea 
6. Ring 



Once Upon a Time: Aschenputtel (Cinderella)

3. Apron 



Enchanted Slumber: Sleeping Beauty

5. Candles 



Lady of the Moon: Chang'e

3. Hanfu 
5. Gaiwan 




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