Getting to Know Our Lead Fairy Godmother

Hi friends and fae!

Last week we introduced you all to Marissa, our LFG (Lead Fairy Godmother) and founder of Fairy Tale Teas. We asked on Instagram if you had any questions for her, and here they are! 

* Some of the similar questions we've had to combine.


Q: What did you want to be when you grew up and what's your first tea party memory?

A: When I was very tiny, I remember wanting to be a princess or a fairy (dreams really do come true) among other potential career options. 

My very first tea party memory was probably from when I was about 2 or 3, I received an adorable ceramic tea set with fuchsia flowers all over it. I would set up all of my dolls and stuffed animals in a circle in the center of my room, and gave everyone their very own place setting. My mother would pour juice in my little teacups and made me tea sandwiches to enjoy with the rest of my toys. 

Q: What is your favorite snack/sweet treat to have with tea?

A: This is an extremely difficult question, seeing as I don't often discriminate when it comes to desserts. If I had to pick I would say macarons (filled with pastry crème); however, scones filled with jam and clotted cream are a close second. 

Q: What is your favorite fairytale?

A: That one is easily the story of "The 12 Dancing Princesses" by the Grimm brothers. There's beautiful dresses, mysterious princesses, an enchanted forest, and the most delectable sounding feast ever - it has everything!

Q: Who's your favorite fairytale character?

A: At the moment (my answer to this changes rather frequently) it is Princess Rosette. She despite being locked in a tower for nearly 16 years she remained sure of herself, kind, and never lost her sense of childlike wonder for the world around her.

Q: What made you start this company, and base it on fairytales?

A: It was so amazing to me how someone could take a handful of tea leaves and other ingredients and make them taste like a dessert or even invoke a memory. Also, I was an avid reader of fairytales I would look to them for endless inspiration. Tea is mentioned in several fairytales along with very specific sweets and fruits, which to me seemed like the perfect jumping off point for a tea blend ingredient list. I decided that I wanted to try my hand at making a fairytale blend of my own and was successful.

With that in mind, I knew that my calling was to make beautiful things and use them to bring joy and magic to likeminded individuals, and to those who may have lost it.

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