Cinderella's Magical Morning Routine

Nearly everyone is familiar with Cinderella, the beloved princess that our Once Upon a Time blend is inspired by. {If you are not familiar with her tale we have it posted here and here.} This fairytale princess was kind enough to share her morning routine with our lovely friends and fae...

5:00 am

“I like to wake up before the kitchen staff to prepare them a special treat before they get started working. Today I made peach preserves and a few loaves of bread. This is my favorite way to say thank you for all of the hard work they put in for us and I can tell that they really appreciate it.

Afterwards I go back to sleep for just a little while longer.”


8:00 am

“This is when my day really starts. I put on a flannel robe while a bath is prepared for me. I quite like the addition of orange oil and rose petals - my late maman did the same when she would take her baths. I like to carry on many of her little rituals.“


9:00 am

“For breakfast today I have chosen a blue muslin dress, and enjoyed a few pastries with a lovely tea blend by my beloved Fairy Tale Teas that tasted of vanilla and hazelnut - it brought me back to the night that I met my prince charming. I believe that it’s called Once Upon a Time - it is my absolute favorite.

My fairy godmother entered my room and we had a lovely chat.”

{Image via @FairyTaleTeas on Instagram}


10:00 am

“My prince awakens and I meet with him and a few other close relatives.”

{Image via @Lychnis on}

11:00 am

“This is when I am supposed to sit down and be made up, but I do not have much on the agenda today so I have opted for no makeup and a few braids in my hair. Today’s look is reminiscent of when I would wander the garden in my childhood home.”


Are you looking forward to any plans today…
I am indeed! Prince Charming and I are going to have a picnic in the palace garden, but I had the staff prepare extra food so that afterwards we can go into town and give the leftovers away.

What is it like riding in a pumpkin...            
Oh, it was lovely and beautifully gilded - nothing like an actual pumpkin at all save for the shape of the coach. The inside was lined in impressive silks and it was arguably one of the most glamorous experiences I have ever had to this day.

How are your step sisters doing…
They are doing well actually, they live in an estate just outside of the palace. They’re both married now and have settled down considerably. We were able to put our differences aside, and they often join us for dinner and holidays.



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